56th Anniversary World Championship Snowmobile Derby at Eagle River

This weekend marks the 56th Annual World Championship Snowmobile Derby that will be taking place in Eagle River, Wisconsin and it is set to be an incredible experience once again. Fans from all over will travel to the Eagle River complex to witness more than 500 drivers race their snowmobiles in search of the crown.


The event is one of the largest and most notable competitions in the sport and with 40,000 spectators in attendance it is one of the leading sporting events in the region. It is considered by many to be the Indy 500 of snowmobile racing. Eagle River is iconic in the snowmobile and winter sports sphere and its deep history dates back to its inception in 1964 when the first race was held and you could say the rest is history. The sport has grown exponentially and Eagle River is proud to have a stake in developing the sport and bringing it to the forefront of winter sports today.


Be sure to check out the 56th World Championship Snowmobile Derby this weekend January 18th-20th and witness history being made! Check out their website for more information and tickets to the Derby.


Event Details:

World Championship Snowmobile Derby Race
January 18th – 20th
Eagle River, WI


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