NTPA Winternationals in Cloverdale, IN


O’Reilly Motorsports traveled to Cloverdale, IN this past weekend for the NTPA Winter Nationals at the C Bar C Expo Center. Truck and tractor pulling participants strive to drag a metal sled, weighing up to 20 tons, the greatest distance on the 320-foot straight dirt track. Being an invitational event, participants are chosen by finishing in the Top 10 at the Grand National or Regional National competition.


Friday night had favorable track conditions and some top quality pullers because the Modified Mini class required the heaviest sled setting ever. One competitor in the Modified Mini class traveled 2,232 miles from Stockton, California to compete. Additionally two class winners, Chris Ryan (Diesel 4×4 Truck) and Stan Blagrave (Super Stock Tractor), traveled from Texas.


No competitor that appeared twice won both hooks, but two departed Cloverdale with a win and a second-place finish: Danny Schmucker (Pro Stock Tractor) and Adam Koester (Modified Mini).


Thank you to our customers who came out for the only NTPA indoor event for the 2017 season.



Event Information:

Friday, January 20 & Saturday, January 21


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